Step by step. The key element in the project is addition. The Delta-X strategy is to get something new by adding to what is already there. An unexpected intensity can be brought on by a few simple steps, but it is really just a boosted version of the existing - a way to discover and use what already is there.
1. Network. Through a few additions all existing streets, paths and walkways are connected into one network.

2. Contours. A buffer-zone is put around the existing residential blocks. The outer part of this zone can be used for communicational purposes and will become part of the street network.

3. SLY corridors. Three straight strips cross the area. Within these all nature is allowed free growth. No lawnmower will touch them. All the strips cross the Gamla Övägen road. The middle is paired up with a park strip that runs along its northern side for sports and other outdoor activities.

4. Land division. The rest of the land beside the street network and the nature strips will be divided into hundreds of small lots at 50 - 2000 m2. The lots can be used for all purposes. On unused lots nature can grow free.