Europan 11 in Norrkoping Sweden. Delta-X is a winning proposal for the Norrkoping site of Europan 11. The municipality of Norrkoping is investigating how to link some of the southern parts of the city and participating in Europan was a part in this work.

Vilbergen & Vrinnevi. The area lies between the Vrinnevi hospital, the Vrinnevi natural preserve and a housing area from the late 60's. The areas are kept apart by an oversized road, Gamla Övägen. Delta-X is a set of simple strategies to find places for growth and new activities step by step through local initiatives.

Swedish architects Pelle Backman and Ebba Hallin are the authors of the proposal. The project is now being developed as a co-operation between the city of Norrkoping, inhabitants and real-estate owners in Vilbergen-Vrinnevi and the architects.

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